Thursday, March 04, 2004

My meals this week

Geeze, life has been so busy this past week. Here is a tiny recap of the highlights.

Friday night I had dinner in Soho Steakhouse. It was good, albeit not that filling dinner.

I then went to a birthday party (where I had breast-shaped birthday cake). Fun.

On Saturday I passed an anti-Kerry demonstration on Lexingtron Ave at around 26th street. Apparently they were challenging some of his war claims. Apparently, if I read their flyers correctly, he got a few purple hearts without ever having to spend any time in the hospital. A purple heart is supposed to be issued for receiving injuries in combat. Of course, anyone who knows the military knows how much they like giving out ribbons and medals. They look for any excuse to hand out trinkets to the soldiers. (It is like giving "producer credits", it is a way to give people something and not have to pay them.)

Then I had lunch in Chennai Garden right there. It was a good Indian lunch. I particularly thought the bread there was good.

Saturday night saw me the the UWS. I met some nice people there.

Monday night I met some friends in Times Square in Ruby Foo. It was good Pan-Asian cusine, though a bit pricer than I am accustomed to. (I think that was a theme this week for me.)

Tuesday night I was in my office when I felt like getting dinner. So I went out and I walking down 23rd Street, and I paused in front of a pizza store. I was trying to decide whether to fill up on greasy carbs or to look for somehting healthier. So I was taking a moment to contemplate when I hear cheering behind me. These three guys were saying "go in, you know you want to" and stuff like that. There was mild chanting too. It was a real New York moment. So I went in and had 2 mediocre vegetable slices.

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