Tuesday, April 01, 2003

My past few days

On Thursday I went to have lunch with some old friends at the van Leer Institute in Rehavia, and then had a smaller lunch with another friend at Hebrew University. We ate in the Sinatra cafeteria. The Sinatra cafeteria is a place I used to eat in often when I was a student at Hebrew U. This summer it was blown up by a suicide bomber. I also had luch at Moment two days ago, as I mentioned, and then on Saturday night I met a friend (and teacher) at Atara, all places which have been attacked by suicide bombers. On Friday, I bought olives in Machne Yehudah, also the scene of previous suicide attacks. I can only conclude that suicide bombers want to attack places where I go. They keep missing me, but hmmmm. It is enough to make one a bit paranoid.

The olives were really good. They were the kind that were very spicy. They were the ones soaked in hot pepper something or other. I ate them all weekend, and my mouth was burning, but they were soooooo addictive.