Sunday, February 16, 2003

Snow in NY

It looks like mother nature is starting to bury New York in snow. I wish there was something profound to say about it, but for now it just looks nice. I wonder why I evolved to find aesthetic appreciation in the mundane. It is weird. One would think that it would be a strange evolutionary quirk to design a brain that has a particular admiration for some of its surroundings. Moreover, it is not always the safe surroundings that inspire us with awe. Things like the Grand Canyon and Snow are awe inspiring, while tornados are not. The grand Canyon and lots of snow do not seem like human friendly thngs, yet we admire them. It is not like it is an adaption on the part of the snow either. The weather, as far as I know, does not evolve following any principles of natural selection in the way the flora and fauna of our planet do.