Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Cute chick running

Today I was running up the east river, as is my want, and I stopped at the UN to turn around and do a minute's worth of stretching, when this *really* cute woman comes up to me and asks me where a good place to run is. So I invite her to go running with me down town. And she did. I thought it was weird just accepting these kinds of offers from strangers, but it happened. It turns out that she is from Pakistan. She is at the UN for their annual conference on Women's issues or something. So I asked her which were the worst countries when it came to this kind of stuff. Naturally, her answer was "The Islamic countries". And then she was careful to point out that there was a difference between discrimination against women and religious discrimination that is de facto against women. I was not sure I saw the difference. But the important thing is that she was cute.