Sunday, June 20, 2004

My Hectic Week

This past week was full of lots of travel and few insights in to ife. Monday I went to Las Vegas. It was lots of fun. JetBlue was the easiest check-in ever. I went from ticket counter to boarding in about 4 minutes. The flights was OK, though they have no meals, and I forgot to eat before hand. Also I discovered that it was not so bad taking the A train to Howard Beach and then taking the airtrain to the airport. I got to Vegas, and it was 102 degrees, which I hear is normal.

I checked in in my room at the Venetian. It is a really nice place. It is very cool. The suite we had was HUGE, wiht a pretty good view. Often, they will upgrade you a bit if you just as for it. They are pretty cool about it.

The first night I got there I saw Penn and Teller. They really do put on a great show. Then it was walking on the strip. The next day I had lunch at Quark's, which is part of the Star Trek theme exhibit at the Law Vegas Hilton. Then I had a nice dinner at the Belagio. Finally it was breakfast at the Mirage.

I flew home on Wednesday. Thursday morning it was off to the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA, in Cape Cod. I heard a good little lecture on the evolution wars, and got all flustered over the nail puzzle. Do not leave there by the way without having a popover at Pie in the Sky. There was a friendly game of softball, with the marine biologists versus the
neuro-biologists, with the Marine biologists winning something like 7 to 1.

We finished off with a bang. There was a very frat-esque toga party where we drank till dawn. Then there was the 5 hour bus ride home, where I am exhausted.

(Thanks to "S" (and the nice write-up) for Vegas, Thanks to "L" and "S" and also "R" for all the fun in Cape Cod.)

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