Thursday, April 29, 2004

. . . And Saadam wants us out too

For some reason, everytime someone on CNN, or any other liberal is talking about the war in Iraq they say the following: The Iraqis want us out, the soldiers want to be out, so we should leave. This is the dumbest thing I ever heard. The LAST two groups of people who should have a say in whether or not there is fighting, are the people who are in middle of battle.

Naturally, as Americans, every soldier has a right to voice their opinion and also have a say in how to deal with things. However, we must keep in mind that they are the most effected, and therefore the least objective. But for some reason, it is seen as relevant that people who are in the middle of the hell of battle want to leave it. Of course they want to leave, they are fighting. No one wants to stick their neck out for some godforsaken ungrateful people in a large sweltering unproductive desert. How long does anyone, even the most hard core of soldiers, want to fight? Certainly we should consider them as much as possible, but I would hardly want the military deciding which wars to fight. We have smart people who get paid lots of money to try to work out the political intracies of global economics, terrorism, foreign policy, Middle Eastern stability, democratic theory, ethics and all of their respective impacts on the United States and her allies. Why is noone polling them? (Oh, wait, we did. That's why we are in Iraq.)

And are we really expected to consult Iraqis about this? They all think that if the US leaves, then they can get on with the business of having their tribe massacre the other tribes and seize power, and establish their own little new Saadam State.

The only thing that matters is what is the best way to preserve the human rights of Iraqis in the long run.

Leaving Iraq will turn that country in to the next Lebanon. We can look forward to 15 years of civil war between the Suni, Shite, and Kurds. You could expect mass graves, and massacres that make Rawanda look like a party. You can expect that the largest reserves of crude oil in the world will go the way of the largest diamond mines in the world, they will go to fund the brutal civil wars, and they will go towards financing global terror and destruction. If we left Iraq now, Earth will be a frightening place to love. People who think we should leave now, really have little clue of the consequences.

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