Monday, March 17, 2003

The UN's mission

Bush was right when he said that the UN has abandoned its historic mission. The UN was designed to preemptively deal with agressive dictators. The world did not deal with Hitler. It can deal with similar men. Saadam is not quite Hitler, but when we speak of megamurders, the mind does not really distinguish between a million and 20 million. Nor should the UN. How many people would this man have to kill before the UN takes action. How many would he have to threaten to kill before the world takes action? How many more countries will he have to attack before he is just too dangerous to let live? His agressions against Kuait, Israel, Iran, and the Kurds are just four examples. When he has the power to do more, or to do it again, he must be stopped. If he does not have the power, he is only prevented from doing so by the 10 year embargo which is killing his people. We cannot allow this to go on either. We live in a world where it si too east to kill too many people too quickly. Moreover, he is likely in a position to do that. We must take this man. We must terminate his with extreme prejudice.