Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Song in the Key of WTF???

Erran Baron Cohen (Sacha's brother) just released a bunch of Hanukkah songs and videos. I have to admit I kind of enjoy the new twist on the old tunes, but can someone please explain the following two things:

1) Why are they using an Israeli dreidel in (what I presume is) England?
2) Why are they spray-painting Yeshua (Jesus) on the wall in the background of the video? (Is there another meaning or an inside joke I don't get?)


Yaffa said...

It might be possible they filmed in Israel, there have been Jews for Jesus out in force last couple of times I was in Tel Aviv so it might be a bit of found graffitti.

Prefer the sound of the LeeVees

Anonymous said...

The scenery appears to be British, as is the money that they are "betting" with. Also, this is not existing graffiti, this is stuff that they are completing in the course of the video. You'd think that someone whose brother is apparently fluent in Hebrew would have at least noticed this.

It does seem like a J for J influence though.

Karl said...

Actually, now that I look at it again, they do not seem to be doing the spray painting during the video. However, the car they drive has the steering wheel on the wrong side (the right). So it is definitely in England.