Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A new low

When someone invents a new "chumra" or stringency for Orthodox Jews it tends to spread till all Orthodox Jews have to do it and it becomes ingrained as part of the society. This is true for all sorts of bizarre practices. If this new institutionalized Orthodox racism / Ashkenazi supremacy comes to the U.S., I will have a second very good reason never to send any children I may have to a Jewish school. (Institutionalized covered-up child molestation being the first.)


Erica said...

I have nothing truly intelligent to comment except that I concur with you completely. Especially with regards to the first reason.

Anonymous said...

the author of the article seems to think it's racially inspired. What do you think? I suspect it's not--it's certain Jews thinking their form of O'doxy is superior. In which case, isn't it already here in America?


Anonymous said...

It's very awful, and shows even more just how corrupt the Judaism of Israeli charedim have become. As a practicing :) Jew, it makes me rethink any plans I have to make aliyah.

Karl said...

To be completely honest, one of the more disillusioning points of my life was my discovery of Ashkenazi racism in Israel. It has been a real part of the the state of Istrael since her inception. European Jews believed that they were better than Arab Jews, German Jews believed they were better than Russian Jews, Russian Jews better than Polish Jews, Polish Jews better than Hungarian Jews, Hungarian Jews better than Romanian Jews. . .

I mean, regardless of who you think is better or worse, smarter or dumber, richer or poorer, more or less cultured, or has more or less "authentic" Jewish traditions, a better Hebrew, or a purer pedigree, I always found it perplexing that one group of Israeli Jews believed that things were going so well that they can afford to alienate another.

It is sad to see this all seep in to the religious world, who one would have hoped would reject such "secular" racial distinctions as meaningful.

It is truly perplexing that Ashkenazi Jews who, for the large part, act as if Jewish tradition, life, law, and culture started in the 17th century, would use the excuse that their orthodoxy is better than Mizrahi orthodoxy.

Shabbabnikit said...

Personally, after reading some of the history, I believe this kind of institutionalized racism in the yeshiva world is part of the process of "emancipation" and assimilation of Ashkenazi Jewry. Jews were "emancipated" on the premise of being Europeans of a different religion: "French Israelites" "Germans of the Moasaic Persuation", etc. This gets morphed into "white people of the Jewish faith" (especially in the US).

Well before this time, Europeans had this idea that they were superior to other peoples around the world and had the right to dominate non-Europeans through colonialism and slavery. European Jews of the time simply assimilated these ideas of European/white supremacy along with other ideas floating around at the time as they assimilated ino Israeli society.

The problem is, that while most of the West has come to belive that Europeans are not necessarily superior to non-Europeans and that whites are NOT the supreme race (and in fact, teh entire concept of race has been questioned), the Orthodox Ashkenazi world just hasn't gotten the memo (perhaps largely due to their self-sequestering from normative modern Western society).

As the world changes and Orthodox Jews (esp. Ashkenazim) refuse to change they will become more and more offensive to the peoples amongst whom they live including non-Orthodox Jews who long ago got with the program and accepted diversity.

Shabbabnikit said...

"European Jews of the time simply assimilated these ideas of European/white supremacy along with other ideas floating around at the time as they assimilated ino Israeli society."

I meant European society