Monday, May 15, 2006

This should have been done years ago

The Orthodox Jewish world has known about this for a while, and there have been rumors, and public letters, but finally something is being done.

I was actually in this guy's school for almost 10 years. (I spent a summer at his camp too.) Thankfully I have nothing to report, nor have I ever heard anything first hand. But Margolis always struck everyone I know who ever encountered him as very smarmy. He is the real problem here. I hope justice is served here. And I feel really bad for the guy in the article.


Shosh said...

I hope justice is served too. And I hope the victims are comforted. They're so brave to come forward. I can't believe that there's a 3 year statute of limitations on sexual abuse. It's one of those crimes that is such an abuse of power, and creates so much shame in the victim, that there should be no limitation on criminal charges or civil suits.

Anonymous said...

I hope these people get the justice they seek. I did feel the title was a little disturbing however. This in not an Orthodox Jews vs. "Catholic Priest" problem. Pedophiles of all religious backgrounds will auotomatically seek out positions of power with access to children. Priests, religous leaders, school principals, boy scout leaders, sports coaches. Gee, is it so surprising that there are jewish pedophiles too? This has nothing to do with religion, it has to do with a sick man that happens to have gotten himself an occupation with access to children.

Joclyn said...

I cannot fathom that there is an attitude of *loshon hora* being somehow more horrendous than child molestation, and that an accusation would somehow be pushed aside because of the question of penetration? Karl, isn't there some other rule that could be invoked, something about there having to be witnesses? It must have not happened, then!

To paraphrase an earlier post of yours, no, sadly, this is NOT good for the Jews.

And I'm having trouble deciding which is more disturbing: that Charles Hynes called off his investigation (clearly toward his own political gain) or the accusation that "every Hasidic boy" knows someone who has been molested.

What a horror show.