Monday, May 01, 2006


In the United States, Labor day is celebrated on the first Monday in September. In communist countries, and in countries that are far more sympathetic to various kinds of left-wing socialism, the traditional day for celebrating the workers and their achievements is May 1, or today. May 1 has been associated with the left, and leftist movements since around 1886.

One wonders which marketing idiot came up with the idea to choose today to protest for the rights of illegal immigrants undocumented persons, and then on top of that to start with the national anthem in Spanish. (Notice in the link that no one bothered to proofread the site.)

Somebody failed to explain to radicals that the reason they are considered radical is because there are not a hell of a lot of people around here who share their neo-Marxist vision of the universe. That being said, the way to get the US to agree with you is not to go around and rub in their face how different the illegal immigrants are and how very much they want to change our social system. The establishment likes our social system. If they didn't, they'd change it. They have that power because that is what it is to be the establishment.

So lemme give a little advice to radicals. Give it up. Realize that unless you really have the whole society behind you, which you really don't in this case, to get what you want, you show the American people that you want to part of their way of life, not that you plan on radically altering it to accommodate you.

I realize that a huge social system and greater welfare net will help illegal immigrants. After all it would be great to just sneak in to a country and then take their welfare and spit on their way of life, and mock their rules. I realize that more rights for people who came in to this country illegally is important, and that it is only a matter of time before you demand affirmative action for people who are illegally here.

But you seem to not realize that if you want American sympathy do it in a way that shows what you can do for America, not what you expect America to do for you. Do not sneal in to the country illegally just to tell us that your idea of a social system is so much better than ours. If your idea is so good, then go try it in your own country. Of did you already try it, screw it up, and now you want to do the same to mine.

I appreciate that I was born here, and I have rights, and I have it a lot easier than you did in your country. I sympathize with you. However, I also expect that you appreciate that however my ancestors got here, they did so legally, and they followed US law, filled out US forms, learned a bit of English, paid US taxes, however inconvenient that was.

You have all officially lost any sympathy I would have had for you. By holding a rally on a day that is symbolic for a small minority of the US population, and is considered insulting to those millions who were killed for the sake of some glorious revolution, you have alienated those middle of the political spectrum types who would otherwise think that you just want to come to the US to share in our verison of the good life and make this country home.

This whole thing is really a sign of how out of touch the left is with mainstream America.

Update: I'd like to (crib an email I just wrote to) clarify what I wrote above, just so no one gets the wrong idea.

Whenever I start to feel some sympathy for a leftist cause, like I did this time, someone goes and makes it in to a radical left cause.

I mean, I think that everyone can sympathize with someone who says "look, I’m from a shitty country like Mexico. I came here to work and be a part of a better system and a better economy with more opportunities." But no one said that very loudly. All we saw was (1) it was held on May Day, a day with a lot of symbolic significance for a different kind of economy, ie, a socialist and/or communist economy. (2) There were flags of dozens of countries, especially Mexico, ie, people who are proud that they have a strong allegiance to somewhere else and intent on reminding everyone that the US is not necessarily their favorite country, and (3) they go and announce that the national anthem is just as meaningful in Spanish, telling us that the language of the people here is not for them either.

I mean if you really want US rights, why run around carring a foreign flag, a symbol of your pride is some other place??? Seriously, why?

So as I see it, they display a rejection of our economic system, our social system, our language, and any pretense of loyalty to the US, and then I’m supposed to support this? The message they should have sent was the one I said before: "Mexico-crap, US-good. Please take me in, I’ll help continue making this country great!" I would totally have sympathy with someone who articulated that, and I'd be inclined to look for a solution that does not involve the INS and deportations. Moreover, I’ll bet that a huge chunk of illegal aliens really believe that. But they have organizers who have communist and revolutionary interests at heart and not the interests of the illegal aliens themselves.


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Shosh said...

I was going to post on may day but I was too nauseous. I know a whole lot of people who came to america with no english, went through the bureaucratic redtape as they're supposed to, learned the language, and are now reasonably successful. Their children are even more successful. National anthem in spanish, my ASS! Learn gotdam english and have some respect for the society you snuck in to. Lousy bastards. As for their being an integral part of the u.s. economy, if every single one of them was thrown out, there would be a few waves but before long, people who are legitimately in the country would fill the gaps they left. Who do they think they're kidding?

bec said...

yikes. when did i become so right wing????
i completely agree. it's one thing to come here legally. it's completely different to come here illegally, or even more annoying, to allow your visa/greencard to expire in hopes that no one would notice. such irresponsibility in serious matters as these does not a good citizen make.

M. Martin said...

Dear "Karl":

I see your point. But FYI just check this out. I found it on Jewschool:

Nuestro Himno Fin Yiddish

by The Town Crier // May 1st, 2006

Many many years before before Nuestro Himno, there was ?? ????? ??????? ????. The Star Spangled Banner, translated into Yiddish in 1943 by Dr. Abraham Asen.

O’zog, kenstu sehn, wen bagin licht dervacht,
Vos mir hoben bagrist in farnachtigen glihen?
Die shtreifen un shtern, durch shreklicher nacht,
Oif festung zich hoiben galant un zich tsein?
Yeder blitz fun rocket, yeder knal fun kanon,
Hot bawizen durch nacht: az mir halten die Fohn!
O, zog, tzi der “Star Spangled Banner” flatert in roim,
Ueber land fun die freie, fun brave die heim!

Karl said...

OY! Thanks for the link. I suspect that we did not expect Americans to take this seriously as an alternative version, however cute it is.

Shosh said...

The problem is that there are a lot of shitty countries. The U.S. should just take everyone in who wants in? No, they should take in those who are willing to work and contribute and not undermine the country they are moving to. Mexico is not Sierra Leone, so I don't feel overly sorry for them. Obviously it sucks there, but it doesn't make them refugees and it doesn't make sneaking in ok. I'd be all for guest worker permits which could be turned into citizenship eventually but they'd have to pay taxes and be eligible for the draft and so on... oh, and they'd have to learn gotdam english.