Saturday, March 25, 2006


There are actually people stupid enough to fall for this marketing gimmick. (Mind you that the KSA kosher symbol is not on the cans, only on the boxes, and there is a warning not to drink more than 24 oz per 24 hour period. I guess you CAN have too much holiness in your life.)


bec said...

i heard about that, or about some kabbalah water or some such silliness months ago. anyone who purchases that is amazingly out of touch. however, i wish i was the person who came up with it. after all, there are a lot of fools in the world.

Erica said...

Sometimes I get those Listerine pocketmints and an individual package has a "K" on the cardboard, but not on the plastic container ... I don't get that! Like, if I wanted to offer someone who's religious a mint, I can's simply show them the container the mint is encased in -- I have to do a whole gantsa megillah with fishing cardboard garbage out of my coat pocket.
It's retarded.
And so are Kabbala energy drinks.
What's happening to our society?