Saturday, June 26, 2004


This piece in The New Yorker is just a sad rehash of the same anti-settler junk that is, by now boring. While I have no love for your average Hebronite who fanatically can only think of holding on to another bit of land, it seems sad that The New Yorker can do no better. Golberg, the author, spends way too much time just being insulting.

Jews should just not be allowed to write about controversial Jewish issues for good magazines. There are two good reasons for this: 1) Jews, however ignorant they are of the issues at hand, assume that if it is about Israel, then they understand it. They are Jewish after all. What arrogance. 2) Jews, like any other member of any other ethnicity, feel like it is OK to mock, insult, caricature, and otherwise demean any human being that is part of their ethnic group. Any self-respecting fair-minded non-Jew would never write about Jews this way.

It is like Goldberg is scared that if he is not insulting, he will be accused of being biased.

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