Saturday, May 22, 2004

Incident in Union Square

Today I was sitting and reading in Union Square, and there was this guy acting all loud and annoying, and this woman, who was apparently his wife was apparently being harassed by him. At some point I think he hit her, or perhaps she hit him, I did not really see, and this kid, he must have been in high school started screaming at him. Then all this kid's friends (there were like 5 off them, and I think they were his friends) got involved, and almost beat the guy up. Eventually the cops came and arrested the annoying guy. It was nice of these kids to step in to help the woman. She needed help.


Wendy said...

Kids these days have to worry about the dumbest stuff. I hope they felt good about themselves when it was all over.

KC said...

Actually, I was quite pleased to see that the kids had no interest in turning sadistic and tearing the guys limbs of, and they all applauded when the police came and took him off in cuffs.