Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Taiwan, China and the US: What is going on?

A few days ago, the NY Times had an Op-Ed piece advocating that Taiwan not push China on the independence issue. Today, they report that Bush, while meeting with the Chinese, seems to be going along with this. We are now encouraging them not to pursue independence.

While the US has always been a staunch protector of Taiwan, something is different now. China, as this analysis explains, has ballistic missiles pointed at Taiwan. It has always been the US that has protected them.

Why are we suddenly stopping our support for small democracies? Why are we suddenly kissing up to China, and leaving Taiwan in the lurch? I suspect that money has a lot to do with it, though I cannot figure it out.

I am not surprised that the Times favored a large communist state over a large democracy. On the other hand, I would not be surprised to find out that someone higher-up told the Times to put the Op-Ed there. It was the most poorly thought out piece I ever read there. Their big argument was that China benefits, so Taiwan should cave.

Something smells rotten here. I want answers. Generally, when a people who are really independent want their democracy, like Taiwan, we have supported them. Why stop now?