Thursday, May 08, 2003

The role of the Dutch and the UN in the massacre of the Muslims

Here is a really revealing piece about a number of things. Mainly it is trying to show Dutch culpability in the massacres of thousands of Muslims in Bosnia by the Serbs.

In passing, it addresses European double standards condeming Sharon for the Phalange murder of Palestinians, while exonnerating the Dutch for its more direct involvement in the murder of Muslims. It also addresses UN culpability, hypocracy and inability to ever carry out a humanitarian mandate, while condeming others who, with so much less, only manage to do much more than the UN, and not everything that the UN wants. The piece also raises issues about the morality of the member nations of the UN. It, like me, wonders where the US has any claim to moral certainty over anyone else.

Added note: You should check out this article about the "food looting" inside the UN building last week, by the delagtes. There is something very non-normal going on in there. Can't these people just eat out? There are 1000 retaraunts in that neighborhood.